Help Installing Wheel 'O Yum Applet

Problems Installing and Using Wheel 'O Yum Client Applet

After installing the Wheel 'O Yum client applet on the server and visiting the page with a web browser, an error dialog appears.
The dialog's title is, "Translation Resources Not Available" and the error message is, "No translation available for 'Client' resources in English (United States) locale."

This is a common mistake when installing the Wheel 'O Yum client applet.

To install the Wheel 'O Yum client applet on a web server, the files pics.jar and l10n.jar must be available in the same directory as the web page (wheeloyum.html by default). These JAR files are located inside the WheelOYum_X.Y.Z directory where you extracted the package.

On Unix/Linux systems you may create a symbolic link to the files.

On any system, you may copy the files to the Applet directory on the web server.

More details can be found in section 7.2.1 Installing the Client Applet on the Server of the Wheel 'O Yum User's Guide.


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