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Wheel 'O Yum Voting

Voting Basics

The Wheel 'O Yum allows each member of a wheel to vote on the restaurants. There is no limit on the number of votes; each member can vote on every restaurant if he/she chooses to.

There are three possible vote options for each restaurant:
  • Vote against a restaurant Click this icon for the restaurants that you prefer not to visit.
  • Do not cast a vote for this restaurant Click this icon for the restaurants that you are indifferent about.
    This option is like saying, "I don't care if I go to this restaurant or not".
  • Vote for a restaurant Click this icon for the restaurants that you want to go to.

How the Restaurants Get Their Slice

To determine the size of each restaurant's slice on the wheel, the Wheel 'O Yum averages the vote from all members present at the wheel for each restaurant.
Restaurants with a negative average vote are removed from the wheel.
The remaining restaurants are allotted a slice on the wheel. The size of each restaurant's wheel is proportional to its average vote in relation to the other restaurants' slices.

Voting Rational

Mathematically speaking, zero (0) typically represents non-existence or void. As such, you may expect that restaurants with a vote of zero (0) are omitted.

The Wheel 'O Yum interprets a vote of zero (0) to represent indifference. That is, it's neither preferred nor disfavored. Part of the reason for this is to satisfy the vacuous case. If the votes are reset (such that all restaurants have a vote of zero (0), the resulting wheel will allocate an even slice for all restaurants. An argument can certainly be made that this should be the case only when a restaurant has a positive (preferred) vote.

By voting positively for a restaurant, it signifies your preference for it. Likewise in reverse--voting negatively signifies your dislike. Voting a zero signifies you neither prefer nor oppose it--you're indifferent. Voting a zero is equivalent to saying, "I don't care" for that particular restaurant.

To constrain the outcome to a particular set of restaurants, vote negatively for all the restaurants you want excluded.

When rendering, the wheel averages the votes from all participants and omits all restaurants with a negative value. The remaining restaurants are allotted a slice; the size of which is proportional to their respective average vote.

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